4Practice for Literature

By Michael Clay Thompson

  • Release Date : 2016-04-07
  • Genre : Artes y disciplinas lingüísticas
  • FIle Size : 43.45 MB


4Practice for Literature 4Practice for Literature contains 100 sentences taken from works of classic literature that give illuminating insights into how great writers achieve meaning, beauty, and depth in their writing. Using Michael Clay Thompson’s method of understanding sentences through four-level analysis, students will identify the parts of speech, parts of the sentence, phrases, and clauses in the sentences. Each sentence uses vocabulary from The Vocabulary of Literature and complements the grammar learned in The Grammar of Literature and the poetic devices studied in The Poetry of Literature. The sentences challenge students on points of grammar, vocabulary, poetics, and writing. This digital version includes a self-check feature that provides students with the correct answers, as well as comments on the sentences.