The Complete Unit Guide for the Award in Education and Training (AET)

By Nabeel Zaidi

  • Release Date : 2015-09-28
  • Genre : Educación y aprendizaje
  • FIle Size : 67.17 MB


The Complete Unit Guide for the Award in Education and Training (AET) This interactive textbook provides you with all the up-to-date information and guidance you need to pass first time. It focuses systematically on each of the assessment criteria in the unit, includes case studies and self-test questions, as well as a suggested structure for drafting responses to meet the requirements of the unit’s assessment criteria.

As a lecturer / trainer / tutor / assessor / curriculum manager, how do you ensure:

• that all staff are clear about the type and methods of assessment available and how to adjust them to meet the needs of individual learners?
• that learners are involved effectively in the assessment process and take responsibility for their own learning?
• that the role and use of constructive feedback is understood and applied effectively and meets individual learners’ needs? and
• that staff are fully aware of the requirement to keep records of assessment and its implications for the continued success of the learning provider?
This interactive textbook addresses each of these questions, with supporting research as needed, while remaining tightly focused on the unit’s assessment criteria. 

Whether you are delivering training or lectures to 16-18 year-olds, mature learners, professionals, managers or international students, with a range of learning and assessment needs and barriers to learning, this book will prove useful in preparing you not only for your unit assessment, but also for work in the sector.  

Most importantly, this interactive textbook adopts a practical approach, which is supported by evidence and, where relevant, cross-referenced to Ofsted and QAA expectations. It is therefore suitable for those intending to enter teaching and training as well as those already involved in delivering or managing a programme.

This interactive textbook is mapped directly to each of the learning outcomes and assessment criteria for the unit across all awarding organisations. It provides detailed practical explanation and links to various other resources so that whether you are new to teaching or already in a teaching or related role, there will be a detailed examination of approaches to assessment in education and training. 

The key benefits to the reader of this textbook are as follows:

• It is written by an experienced practitioner with extensive experience across the further education and skills sector, occupying a variety of roles;
• It adopts a practical approach to topics, reflecting current practice in the sector;
• It includes detailed guidance on structuring effective responses to assessment tasks;
• It has self-test questions;
• It is clearly written and easy to understand;
• It fully addresses each of the learning outcomes and assessment criteria in a systematic way, which makes completing the unit and assessments in a short timeframe achievable;
• It provides a broader range of information and examples, which should prove useful when preparing to enter the sector, such as attending job interviews for teaching related posts. 

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